Years of tradition
in everything we do

Commited to delivering the finest wild pacific smoked salmon products

Our Family Tradition

Black Rock is located off the rugged Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada. The only wild sockeye salmon fisheries remaining in the world today occur in these pristine waters, we call our home.

Black Rock Salmon is a Canadian family-run business, committed to natural and sustainable practices that maintain the delicate balance in our marine eco-system. Only the finest raw, wild sockeye salmon product is used for our hot smoked method, producing a signature taste, with world-class flavor.

Smoking is one of the most ancient and flavorful food preservation methods, and Black Rock maintains the same purity of process today as has been delivered for thousands of years. Virtually unchanged by technology, Black Rock's perfected smoking process offers unparalled quality and flavor.

Our Process

Black Rock Salmon offers the finest, gourmet, Pacific wild smoked sockeye salmon, from the clear waters of west coast British Columbia Canada.

The key to Black Rock's refined taste is in our curing and smoking process. Our premium pacific sockeye salmon is first cured in a unique blend of demerara sugar and salt and then then gently smoked over smouldering alder wood chips to create Black Rock Salmon's signature taste. There are absolutely NO artificial colours and NO artificial flavours added. All Black Rock's gourmet salmon products are fully cooked and ready-to-eat.

In addition, Black Rock prides itself on its stringent production standards, which meet or exceed all government regulations. Black Rock's quality assurance is integrated into every aspect of our business, ensuring that food safety and quality are never compromised.

In short, Black Rock Salmon producrs are the perfect choice for year-round entertaining.