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A delicacy for our clients

After trying a variety of smoked salmon options, we were recommended to look into Black Rock salmon. The staff was very accomodating to our needs a smaller boutique café, but the true satisfaction came in the order itself. The difference was apparent in the first bite for us, and for our customers. Amazing!James Sullivan, New Jersey


Just found Black Rock at a specialty shop here in London. For those who appreciate smoked salmon, there is no comparison. The nuggets were tasy, and the indian candy was a delicacy.Sylvia M, London

Perfect Every time

I'm sure there a few restauranteurs who understand my challenge at finding the "right" smoked salmon ingredient to support our evening appetizer menu. Look no further. Black Rock sockeye has consistently delivered the up-scale, full-palette taste we serve to our clients. The nuggets pair nicely with a Pinot Grigio.JJ, Oregon

A taste of home

Was missing this taste of home. The atlantic smoked sold at most of the local shops falls short by a mile. The deli just started carrying Black Rock and in one word: PERFECT! True BC pacific sockeye with deep smoked flavor bto back it up. Going to see how I go about ordering this stuff in bulk!!Ivan Bernstein, Halifax

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